Meet Arabic genius who can teach Arabic in just 24 hours – Abdul Qadir Sayed

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I said “Is it possible?” when I first heard Learn Arabic in 24 hours. I said to my friend what an Idea and marketing strategy people have developed to attract registration. City watch cat team decided to find out the real story by ourselves.

Anil Kamat in Al Itqan Language training center

Anil Kamat in Al Itqan Language training center

We met Mr. Anil Kamat(Indian), a business man of Dubai who enrolled with Al Itqan 6 days back to share his experience. “I never thought that I could learn Arabic so fast; I feel that I should have joined earlier” said Anil. He was able to frame sentences and could say numbers upto billion in Arabic. The most astonishing part talking to Anil was to see that He could write Arabic by himself.

Engineer Hussain learning arabic

Engineer Hussain learning arabic

This created more curiosity to speak with other students of Al Itqan, We spoke to Engineer Hussain who is Mechanical Engineer by profession and who enrolled two weeks back and was framing Arabic sentences in Emarati dialect.

Then we met a Chinese student Rocky who attended just 4 classes and was able to write Arabic, was fully confident with numbers and telling time in Arabic.

Chinese student Rocky, exploring Dubai Culture by learning Arabic at Al Itqan

Chinese student Rocky, exploring Dubai Culture by learning Arabic at Al Itqan

Speaking with Super Genius trainer Mr. Abdul Qadir Sayed, we tried to find out the secret of his training. Very humbly he said “Allah has created Arabic easy to learn”, secondly there was a misnomer about Arabic being a difficult language to learn. Training is an art which a trainer gains himself by training others. There is a big difference between reaching a destination with the help of GPS and taking some one to the destination. I go to the level of the student’s understanding to teach him Arabic rather than asking him to increase his level of understanding according to me said Abdul Qadir.

al itqan training

His first assignment to teach Arabic was to the orphan students of Somalia on the directions of Mr. Haj Saeed bin Ahmed Lootha, chairman of S.S. Lootha Group to whom he considered as his inspiration, Mentor and all time supporter. The journey which started with 20 students of different age group and nationality is on with same enthusiasm and spirit what was there in the beginning but the experience has increased with completion of every batch and complete satisfaction. Abdul Qadir is blessed by 5 languages which he speaks fluently Arabic, English, Hindi, Farsi, Pashtu and Urdu. He has dedicated his life learning and teaching Arabic, he has got opportunity to attend international confesses and visited many places as part of official member of delegation including Sudan.


Abdul Qadir Sayeed is author of many books and 3 of them have become very popular. His concept of teaching is very simple, teaching noun vocabulary, word vocabulary and supporting students to use them with the help of Grammar. His methodology also includes multimedia, 24 hours online library and 24 hours whatsapp group to help students. Whenever any of his students need help, they raise the query in the group and other senior student’s answers the query and Mr. Abdul Qadir corrects them if required. Whatsapp group help student to eliminate the communication gap and gives 24 hours accessibility and availability. Training timing is very flexible and Course fees are very much affordable.

Abdul Qadir wants to continue his service for Arabic language rest of his life, Citywatchcat team wishes him best of luck and will encourage people to utilize this opportunity of learning Arabic which open doors for opportunities and business as Arabic is the official language in more than 30 countries.

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