Haroon S khan – Super genius, billion dollar brain of telecom industry

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Haroon S Khan Founder and Managing Director SANSO Technologies

Haroon S Khan
Founder and Managing Director
SANSO Technologies

When the telecom product industry is focusing on encashing the smart phone demand of the market Mr. Haroon S. Khan is among only few who are focusing on developing the future technology, Sanso H1 Mobile with 3D naked eye technology is the best example of his innovation. Imagine yourself watching normal YouTube, facebook videos in 3D effects or playing video games, it’s all together a new level and revolution that mobile industry is going to experience. When he was asked about the price, Haroon replies humbly that he don’t want to be in the race of making only money instead wants to focus on providing technology to everyone, excellence, innovation and quality is in focus.


Haroon’s mobile brand SANSO is already rocking in Europe, African and south Asian countries because of its reliability, sustainability, high end technology, beautiful designs and extra ordinary features at value for money pricing. SANSO mobile has three dimensional product ranges starting from high profile executive urban class, money conscious working class and hard working rurals.

SANSO H3 mobile offers not only cheapest keyboard mobile but also a feature phone with 4G and VOLTE First Time Ever with built in social media apps like whatsapp and facebook.

SANSO H3 Mobile

SANSO H3 Mobile

On asking Haroon for expanding SANSO globally, he is very ambitious as expected but very keen in dealing with principled long term business partners and straight forward rejects short sighted companies in representing his brand. 3D naked eye technology is patented innovation of Haroon and big brands are in queue to buy for millions of dollar but he wants this technology to reach every single human being and get benefited of his research. Haroon’s upcoming product will blow the market as he is coming up with revolutionary mobile Battery. It will be too early to give all the details of the product but will soon be disclosed on



Interviewed by: Abdul Haseeb Numan

Haroon S Khan, Managing Director "Sanso Technologies"  with Abdul Haseeb Numan, Managing Director, "Rahmani Concepts"

Haroon S Khan, Managing Director “Sanso Technologies” with Abdul Haseeb Numan, Managing Director, “Rahmani Concepts”




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