Speed Business Networking in Dubai

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With a background in marketing, logistics and business development, and Masters with Honors in Business from the Auckland University of Technology,Volodymyr Tashakov (Vlad) is the man organizing “Speed Business Networking” Dubai- UAE.
Vlad says cold calling is last decade phenomenon, Genuine business leads are possible with one to one interaction and professional business networking. Business Networking is the most effective way of generating new business leads. “Speed Business Networking” is the one of the best way to connect new people every week.
It’s fast, it’s fun and the best thing about it is that you get to pitch to many different people within a short period of time. All that you need is your business cards and your presence.

Typically you would meet many different people spending only 2 – 3 minutes with each and it’s a great way to meet others. You speak to the person in front of you and when the bell rings you move to the left to speak to the next person.

Story Covered by: Abdul Haseeb Numan




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