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    10 minutes formula


    Turn your life in just 10 minutes :   My dad once told me : “You can apply the 10 minutes mantra to turn around your life in a tremendous way.”   I didn’t understand at first. “What’s the big deal in 10 minutes?” I asked.   “There’s indeed a big deal about it. 10 minutes, believe me son, can create a marvellous difference in our life,” my dad offered wisely.   “Elaborate please, dad,”   “I’ll tell you. But first, you’ve to get up tomorrow at 6.00 am.” My dad conditioned. I agreed.   Next day, as I woke up at the agreed time, my dad came to my room.   “What’s the time?”   “6.00 am” I replied.   “Okay, so before you can follow the 10 minutes mantra, you have to follow the art of being aware about the clock,”   I was confused. My dad continued, “Look at the clock. It’s 6.00 am. Now within 10 minutes I ask you to do the following – Arrange your bed and your table; drink two glasses of water, wash your face and brush your teeth. But keep looking at your clock while doing these. That’s it”   “Well…Okay,” I said, thinking...

  • Dubai world record india gate

    Dubai set new world record- India Gate’s 550kg Rice Bag


    Gulfood, the world’s largest annual food and hospitality trade show, has broken a Guinness World Record for the globe’s heaviest bag of rice. KRBL Limited, the world’s largest rice millers and Basmati rice exporters, has entered the Guinness record books with a bag of rice from its India Gate Classic Basmati Rice brand weighing 550kgs. The new record was achieved when the bag was filled in a single day by a dedicated team at KRBL DMCC’s Al Quoz warehouse before being driven on a truck to Gulfood, which runs at Dubai World Trade Centre, DWTC, from 21st – 25th February. “Guinness Book of World Record assessors were on site to verify the entire process,” explained Priyanka Mittal, member of the Board of Directors at KRBL Limited. Following the feat, Guinness Book of Records accreditors presented the KRBL Limited management with an honorary certificate on the second day of Gulfood. “After the show, we plan to display the bag for a few days at a major retail store or a shopping mall before cooking it for distribution to labourers,” added Mittal. KRBL Limited, which owns the India Gate Basmati rice brand, is also one of the recipients of World’s Greatest Brands...

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    Inspiration for Sales & Real Estate brokers – HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum inspirational Quotes.


    “Explorer seeks guidance from stars”- Abdul Haseeb Numan His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum, Vice president and Prime Minister of UAE, Ruler of Dubai, is one of the most influential personality in the world and a living legend. Every time you watch his interviews, speech or messages on social media you find a rejuvenating energy in yourself and confidence to touch the sky. Here are some of his motivating quotes which are not only motivating but also builds confidence and courage to face the challenges and inspire to find solutions. This article composed mainly to inspire people working in Sales, Marketing and Real Estate.   #1 : Insist on number one. “We, in the UAE, have no such word as “impossible”; it does not exist in our lexicon. Such a word is used by the lazy and the weak, who fear challenges and progress. When one doubts his potential and capabilities as well as his confidence, he will lose the compass that leads him to success and excellence, thus failing to achieve his goal. I require you, youth, to insist on number one.”   #2 :Challenges. “Do we have to stand still to avoid the risk of falling, or...

  • Abdul Qadir Sayeed, Founder, Chairman of Al Itqan Language Training Center. Dubai-UAE

    Meet Arabic genius who can teach Arabic in just 24 hours – Abdul Qadir Sayed


    I said “Is it possible?” when I first heard Learn Arabic in 24 hours. I said to my friend what an Idea and marketing strategy people have developed to attract registration. City watch cat team decided to find out the real story by ourselves. We met Mr. Anil Kamat(Indian), a business man of Dubai who enrolled with Al Itqan 6 days back to share his experience. “I never thought that I could learn Arabic so fast; I feel that I should have joined earlier” said Anil. He was able to frame sentences and could say numbers upto billion in Arabic. The most astonishing part talking to Anil was to see that He could write Arabic by himself. This created more curiosity to speak with other students of Al Itqan, We spoke to Engineer Hussain who is Mechanical Engineer by profession and who enrolled two weeks back and was framing Arabic sentences in Emarati dialect. Then we met a Chinese student Rocky who attended just 4 classes and was able to write Arabic, was fully confident with numbers and telling time in Arabic. Speaking with Super Genius trainer Mr. Abdul Qadir Sayed, we tried to find out the secret of his...

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