• Abdul Qadir Sayeed, Founder, Chairman of Al Itqan Language Training Center. Dubai-UAE

    Meet Arabic genius who can teach Arabic in just 24 hours – Abdul Qadir Sayed


    I said “Is it possible?” when I first heard Learn Arabic in 24 hours. I said to my friend what an Idea and marketing strategy people have developed to attract registration. City watch cat team decided to find out the real story by ourselves. We met Mr. Anil Kamat(Indian), a business man of Dubai who enrolled with Al Itqan 6 days back to share his experience. “I never thought that I could learn Arabic so fast; I feel that I should have joined earlier” said Anil. He was able to frame sentences and could say numbers upto billion in Arabic. The most astonishing part talking to Anil was to see that He could write Arabic by himself. This created more curiosity to speak with other students of Al Itqan, We spoke to Engineer Hussain who is Mechanical Engineer by profession and who enrolled two weeks back and was framing Arabic sentences in Emarati dialect. Then we met a Chinese student Rocky who attended just 4 classes and was able to write Arabic, was fully confident with numbers and telling time in Arabic. Speaking with Super Genius trainer Mr. Abdul Qadir Sayed, we tried to find out the secret of his...

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