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    Regions first “Infoadvotainment” website


    Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds. Peace and salutations on Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him, his family and his companions. is first of its kind website which is combination of valuable information, beneficial advertisements and motivating entertainment. In short we call it “info-advo-tainment”. The type of information we feed to our conscious memory, makes us positive or negative. News about War, stock market crashing, crime, accidents, dirty politics and criminal corporate policies etc is what we are showered with on daily basis. Our efforts are in the direction to bring smile back on the faces, removing unnecessary fear and give a HOPE, an attempt to program our mind positively with motivation and profitable news and information with energizing entertainment.   Let us share with you a short story “long long ago there was a king and was in search of mentally and physically strong advisor in his cabinet and successor of his throne. One winter morning he announced in his kingdom, who ever will stay in river from sun set to sun rise will be rewarded and appointed in the court. Hundreds of wise and strong people jumped in the river and started withdrawing from the...

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